Bundle leaflet: Information for an individual

Bundle leaflet: Information for an individual

Read all this leaflet very carefully before you begin applying this medication since it contains important info for your needs.

Constantly simply take this medicine just as described in this leaflet or as your pharmacist, medical practitioner or any other medical practioner has said.

  • Keep this leaflet. You might want to read it once again.
  • Pose a question to your pharmacist if you want more advice or information.
  • In the event that you have any negative effects, speak to your pharmacist, physician, or other doctor. This consists of any feasible unwanted effects maybe perhaps not placed in this leaflet. See part 4.

What exactly is in this leaflet:

1. Exactly just What ellaOne is and exactly exactly what it’s useful for

EllaOne is a crisis contraceptive

EllaOne is a contraceptive designed to avoid maternity after non-safe sex or in the event the contraceptive method has unsuccessful. As an example:

  • In the event that you had intercourse without security;
  • In the event the or your partner’s condom tore, slipped or arrived off, or you forgot to make use of one;
  • In the event that you would not simply just take your contraceptive supplement as suggested.

You really need to simply take the tablet at the earliest opportunity after intercourse, and within at the most 5 days (120 hours). This is basically because the semen can survive up to 5 times within you after sexual intercourse.

This medication would work for just about any girl of childbearing age, including adolescents.

You can easily simply take the tablet whenever you want into the cycle that is menstrual.

EllaOne doesn’t work if you should be currently expecting

Should your period that is menstrual is, there was a chance that you could be expecting. If your duration is belated or if you have signs and symptoms of maternity (hefty breasts, early early morning nausea) you ought to consult a physician or any other doctor before taking the tablet. When you have unsafe sex after using the tablet, it does not stop you against getting pregnant. Non-safe sex at any time throughout your cycle can cause pregnancy.

EllaOne isn’t to be utilized for regular contraception

If you don’t have regular way of contraception, confer with your medical practitioner or doctor to select one that’s suited to you.

How ellaOne works

EllaOne provides the substance acetate that is ulipristal functions by changing the experience for the normal hormones progesterone that is needed for ovulation that occurs. Because of this, this medicine functions by postponing ovulation. Emergency contraception is certainly not effective in most instance. Of 100 ladies who just take this medication more or less 2 can be pregnant.

This medicine is just a contraceptive utilized to stop a maternity from starting. If you should be currently pregnant, you won’t interrupt a current pregnancy.

Crisis contraception will not sexually protect against sent infections

Just condoms can sexually protect you from transmitted infections. This medication will perhaps not protect you against HIV disease or other intimately transmitted conditions (e.g. Chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B and syphilis). Ask a medical practioner for advice if you should be focused on this.

There is certainly additional information about contraception during the final end with this leaflet. </p>

2. What you should know before you are taking ellaOne

Don’t just take ellaOne

  • If you’re sensitive to ulipristal acetate or some of the other ingredients for this medicine (placed in area 6).

Warning and precautions

Speak to your pharmacist, physician or any other medical practioner before you take this medication

  • When your duration is late or perhaps you have actually the signs of maternity (hefty breasts, early early morning illness), because you can currently be pregnant (see area “Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility”);
  • If you have problems with serious asthma;
  • In the event that you suffer with severe liver condition.

In most ladies, crisis contraception should be studied as soon as feasible after unprotected sex. There was some proof that this medication may be less efficient with increasing human anatomy weight or human body mass index (BMI), however these information had been limited and inconclusive. Consequently, ellaOne continues to be recommended for all ladies aside from how much they weigh or BMI.

You’re advised to talk with a doctor if you’re worried about any dilemmas associated with emergency contraception that is taking.

In the event that you get pregnant despite using the tablet, it’s important that you see your medical practitioner. See part “Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility” to find out more.

Other contraceptives and ellaOne

This medication can make regular contraceptives that are hormonal like pills and spots, temporarily less effective. As usual after taking this medicine, but be sure to use condoms every time you have sex until your next period if you are currently taking hormonal contraception, continue to use it.

Try not to just take this medication along with another emergency contraceptive tablet that contains levonorgestrel. By firmly taking them both together, you may get this to medication less efficient.

Other medications and ellaOne

Tell your pharmacist, physician or other doctor if you’re using or have actually recently taken some other medications, including medications acquired without having a prescription or medicines that are herbal.

Some medications may prevent ellaOne from working efficiently. For those who have utilized some of the medications given just below during the very last 30 days, ellaOne may be less ideal for you. Your physician may recommend another kind of (non-hormonal) crisis contraceptive, in other words. A copper intrauterine unit (Cu-IUD):

  • Medications utilized to deal with epilepsy (for instance, primidone, phenobarbital, phenytoin, fosphenytoine, carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine and barbiturates)
  • Medications utilized to treat tuberculosis (as an example, rifampicin, rifabutin)
  • Cure for HIV (ritonavir, efavirenz, nevirapine)
  • A medication used to deal with infections that are fungalgriseofulvin)
  • Herbal treatments containing St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum).

Get hold of your pharmacist or doctor before making use of ellaOne if you use (or have recently used) some of the medications stated above.

Pregnancy, fertility and breast-feeding

Before you take this medication, in the event the duration is belated, inform your pharmacist, physician or other medical practioner, or perform a pregnancy test to make certain you’re not currently pregnant (see area “Warning and precautions”).

This medication is a contraceptive utilized to prevent a maternity from beginning. It will not interrupt an existing pregnancy if you are already pregnant.

That it will affect your pregnancy if you become pregnant despite taking this jewish russian brides medicine, there is no evidence. But, it’s important you visit your physician. In terms of any maternity, your medical professional might would you like to be sure the maternity just isn’t outside of the womb. This really is specially crucial when you have previously had a pregnancy outside the womb, tubal surgery or long term (chronic) genital infection if you have severe abdominal (stomach) pain or bleeding or.

You are encouraged to ask your doctor to register your pregnancy in an official registry if you become pregnant despite taking ellaOne. You can report this informative data on your very own at www. Hra-pregnancy-registry.com. Your data shall remain anonymous – no body will understand it really is details about you. Sharing your data might help ladies in the near future realize the security or risks of ellaOne throughout a maternity.

Invest the this medicine when you are breast-feeding an infant, usually do not breast-feed for just one week after using this medication. In this right time, it is strongly recommended to utilize a breast pump so that you can keep milk manufacturing, but dispose of your breast milk. The end result of breast-feeding your baby within the after taking this medicine is not known week.

This medication will perhaps maybe not impact your own future fertility. When you have non-safe sex after using the tablet, it won’t stop you against getting pregnant. It is therefore crucial you utilize condoms until the next duration. If you wish to begin or carry on with an everyday approach to contraception after by using this medication, you certainly can do therefore you must also make use of condoms until the next duration.

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